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Moda's Neighboorhood

Welcome to Moda's Neighborhood!  Visit each week to download the "blueprint" for a new house in the neighborhood.  We'll be posting the blueprint for the first house on Monday, September 19 and will continue each Monday through the first week of January.

We are making our quilt using scraps of Nanas Prints. Stop in the shop or give us a call if you'd like to order a kit to use the same fabric selection that were using.   I'll keep you updated each week with a picture of our house.  We are using a variety of Blue backgrounds to tie it all together. If you prefer - have fun with your stash and make your own fabric selections and just sprinkle in some Nana prints. We will be featuring a different shop in our neighborhood on our blocks.
Here's the quilt layout so you can can start planning. Come back each Monday to download the blueprints.

My Neighborhood Block 1
(featured shop is us Nanas Quilt Cottage)

My Neighborhood Block 2
 (featured shop is White Rabbit Beads) 

My Neighborhood Block 3
(featured business is our neighborhood post office)

My Neighborhood Block 4 
(Featured Business is Front Range Barbeque) yumm!

Be My Neighbor Block 5 
(Featured Business Heart Market)

Be My Neighbor Block 6 
(Featured Shop is 45 Degree Gallery)

Be My Neighbor Block 7 
(Featured Shop is Febras)

Be My Neighbor Block 8 
(Featured Shop is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory)

Be My Neighbor Block 9 
(Featured Shop The Holly Leaf)

Be My Neighbor Block 10
(Featured Shop Bon Tons Cafe)

Be My Neighbor Block 11

Be My Neighbor Block 12 
(Featured Shop Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Company)

Be My Neighbor Block 13
(Featured Shop Thunder & Buttons)

Be My Neighbor Block 14
(Featured Shop All That Glitters)

Be My Neighbor Block 15
(Featured Shop Jives)