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Nanas Quilt Cottage is a family business, with input and talents from all of us.  We opened December 2010 and have grown into our bright and colorful space ever since.  The most satisfying part of this business is watching people open their creative gifts.

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Miniature quilts

Join Jilly for an exploration of Miniature quilts. She will supply the pattern. Come and see our display of her minis. She provides a new pattern each class. Once you pay for your class Jilly will e-mail you the supply list.

Kennewick Jacket

Join Jilly as you make this creative and wonderfully stylish jacket to wear. You get to personalize many parts of this jacket from the sleeves, overall length, embellishments, and construction techniques to make this a truly personalized art to wear.

Open Sew

Come in and work on your projects in our classroom. Marybeth and Nikki will be available to give you advice and cheer you on.

Sep 6
Cookies and Cutting
Sep 7
My Christmas Tree
Sep 8
Scrappy Sack